The Importance of Choice: Why I Offer a Variety of Breast Implants

The goal of a breast augmentation is an enhanced yet natural-looking result. Breast augmentation is one of my specialties, and I feel it’s important to offer my patients a variety of products when they are considering breast implant options. In addition to size, there other implant features such as shape, width, and profile that also contribute to a successful augmentation procedure. Accordingly, I use implants from several manufacturers to provide a wide spectrum of alternatives.

I am pleased to offer the first shaped “gummy bear” silicone gel implant approved in the United States, manufactured by Silimed. I received additional training for this implant during a fellowship in Stockholm, Sweden, and have been very pleased with the results I see in my patients. The Silimed implants are available in both round and anatomical teardrop shapes, so they can meet the needs of a variety of women. The Silimed implants are unique in that they are available in a variety of base styles, which can provide a customized fit. The implant feels natural and is soft to the touch.

The distributor of the Silimed implants, California-based Sientra, only offers the Silimed line of products to board certified plastic surgeons. I feel this requirement is crucial, as it means that only a highly trained surgeon with thoroughly vetted credentials can use this product, offering the patient an additional level of safety.

Mentor Memory Gel® silicone gel implants are also safe and reliable. They’re made from a patented cohesive gel that holds together uniformly and resembles natural breast tissue. That means women will be choosing an implant that’s aesthetically pleasing and feels and looks natural. These silicone gel implants have a set fill volume, and my years of experience give me a predictable idea of the final result.

Like the Silimed products,  Memory Gel® implants offer variety, as they come in four projection profiles: Moderate Classic, Moderate Plus, High Profile, and Ultra High Profile. They are also offered in a number of sizes, so a patient can find one that matches her desired outcome.

You have a lot of options when considering your breast augmentation choices. It’s imperative that you feel confident about the safety of the implant, the feel of the material, and the profile that you can achieve through the procedure. I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the various implant options or breast augmentation in general. I look forward to discussing all the variables with you during a consultation.

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