Exilis for Men Eugene

Non-surgical skin tightening for men

Facelifts, liposuction, and eyelid surgery can go a long way in helping a man win the battle against aging, but not everyone has time to recover from plastic surgery. A busy schedule needn’t keep you from changing things about your appearance that you want to improve. Exilis for men offers clinically tested, FDA-approved treatments to tighten skin & spot-reduce fat on the face and body, without surgery, needles, or downtime.


Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Movassaghi is currently offering consultations for patients interested in Exilis treatments. Contact us online or call (541) 686-8700 to schedule your consultation.

How Exilis works

Exilis uses radio frequencies that convert to heat energy in the body. This heat helps improve your contours in two ways. First, the heat affects the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating them to produce collagen, which is plentiful in youthful, firm skin. Second, the heat damages unwanted fat cells, allowing your body to metabolize them naturally. While this treatment cannot stop the aging process, the results are long-lasting.

Exilis for facial rejuvenation

Sagging skin around the jawline and neck or drooping eyelids can portray a tired appearance that can give the impression that you are much older than your actual age. If you are just beginning to notice these unwelcome signs of aging, Exilis can be a great option to tighten the skin and reverse mild jowling. Treatment is fast, convenient, and 100% noninvasive. You can go right back to your day without any downtime. Why our patients like Exilis for facial rejuvenation:

  • Natural skin tightening without injections or chemicals
  • No maintenance approach—no need to remember to apply a cream
  • Cost-effective procedure to postpone the need for facelift
  • Immediately noticeable results that continue to improve

Who is a good candidate for Exilis?

While Exilis can be effective on patients of all ages and body types, we find that it works best on younger men (ages 20 to 50) who are in relatively good health and already have a good amount of collagen in their skin. This allows Exilis to be used for body touch-ups and as a maintenance tool to prevent future skin sagging and fat accumulation.

Schedule your men’s Exilis consultation in Eugene

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kiya Movassaghi uses Exilis to help men in Eugene achieve a firmer appearance by tightening skin. Contact us online or call (541) 686-8700 to schedule your consultation today.

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