Dr. Movassaghi's Publications

Shaping the Breast: A seminal textShaping the Breast Dr. Movassaghi

Dr. Movassaghi is the editor of  Shaping the Breast: A Comprehensive Approach in Augmentation, Revision, and Reconstruction, published by Springer in 2021. This book serves as a detailed source of information on the fundamentals of implant-based breast surgery for optimal results. With observation, surgical experience, and better devices, Dr. Movassaghi posits that the approach to implant-based breast surgery must evolve from “volumizing” the breast to “shaping” the breast. This book is a seminal text for anyone interested in modern implant-based breast surgery.

Scientific articles

Eugene plastic surgeon Dr. Kiya Movassaghi has published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles, including two articles published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal:

To see all of Dr. Movassaghi’s publications, view his full Curriculum Vitae here.

Dr. Movassaghi American Society of Plastic Surgeons Dr. Movassaghi American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Dr. Movassaghi Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons Dr. Movassaghi Fellow American College of Surgeons Dr. Movassaghi American Board of Plastic Surgery

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