Actual Patient Review: Thank you Dr. Movassaghi!*

I just returned from my annual mammogram and decided it was time to write a review! Dr Movassaghi did my post mastectomy implant and did a breast reduction on the other side in 2009-2010. I don’t know if I was his most difficult patient ever, but I do know that there was more than one non-office hour emergency during that time and he was always right there to help. The reason I am writing today is that EVERY time I have gone in for a mammogram since then, the techs comment about how great of a job my surgeon did! I have even had 2 instances where they have called in another tech to check out his work smiley face. I don’t have any frame of reference, but they have seen hundreds…so I trust their judgement. It has taken me way too long to recommend him, but thank you Dr Movassaghi ❤️❤️ Review from Facebook