Beat the Clock with a Brow Lift

Did you know that your forehead—or brow—comprises about one-third of your face? It’s a prominent feature that doesn’t get a lot of consideration. But refreshing the brow can make the entire face look more rested and youthful.

An aging brow often affects the eyes, and people tend to think they need an eyelid lift when it is in fact a droopy brow that is causing that sad, angry, or tired look. When artfully done, a brow lift can roll back the years by smoothing and elevating the forehead.

No more worry lines!
A creased and furrowed forehead can also make the entire face look older. One of the overlooked benefits of the brow lift is the smoothing of the horizontal lines in the forehead, which contribute to that worried or exhausted look. Combined with elevating the brow to a youthful position, reducing wrinkles in the brow creates a carefree, younger-looking appearance, because crow’s feet and vertical lines can also be improved.

Endoscopic technique minimizes incisions
An endoscopic brow lift raises the forehead without invasive surgery, because it is performed through a series of small incisions. The endoscope itself is an extremely thin tube outfitted with a light source and a camera, as well as specially designed instruments. The entire operation of lifting the brow and repositioning the skin is made through these tiny, puncture-like incisions instead of one long incision in the scalp or along the hairline.

Making sure it’s right for you
So how do you know if you’re an appropriate candidate for a brow lift? Here’s a quick test to see if a brow lift might be appropriate for you: Use your fingertips to gently raise your brow. If your eyes appear brighter and your lids sag less, you may be a good candidate for an endoscopic brow lift. For some younger patients, a brow lift can also be used to improve the position of the forehead and bring the face into better balance.

An experienced plastic surgeon can evaluate your face and determine whether the position of your brow might be causing the changes you see in your eyes. In some cases, both a brow lift and an eyelid lift can best address aging in the upper face; if an eyelid lift is performed alone and the brow isn’t addressed, the forehead can hang too low and shadow newly refreshed eyelids.

I’m happy to discuss your concerns with you and help you develop the appropriate approach to achieve a more youthful brow. Contact my office to schedule a consultation.

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