Why Are Before and After Photos Important?

If you’ve done any research on plastic surgery, you’ve probably been advised to look at before-and-after photos to help you choose your surgeon. It’s excellent advice, because viewing photos gives you vital information about a surgeon’s aesthetics and skill level.

We have a large gallery on our website so potential patients can evaluate our results; it features almost 20 different procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, giving you a comprehensive view of my work. To supplement the photos published on our site, we can show you additional photos during a consultation that may be particularly pertinent to your specific goals.

When you’re viewing before-and-after photos, there are several important issues to keep in mind when you’re studying the results. Here are some key questions to consider:

  • Are you looking at the surgeon’s actual patients? In a multi-physician practice, it is especially important to be certain whose work you viewing. If there is any doubt, be sure to ask. All the surgical results you see here are my own.
  • Are there enough photos to evaluate the work? A single result is not enough to form an educated opinion about a surgeon’s abilities. Insist on seeing enough patients to satisfy your curiosity. To the greatest degree possible, we have tried to provide you a variety of results in our web gallery. Remember that we can also show you additional before-and-after shots in our office.
  • Are the results natural-looking? Most patients want a refreshed, renewed appearance and do not desire an obvious change. Do the results you see match the vision you have of your own procedure? During the consultations that I conduct with potential patients, we thoroughly discuss your expectations so you have a realistic, informed view of the outcome of your treatment.
  • Do you and the surgeon agree on the quality of the results? This point centers on the aesthetic vision of the surgeon and whether it matches your own. Discuss the results with the surgeon you are considering to determine if the two of you share a common standard.
  • Are you looking at the fine details? This will vary depending on the surgery, but symmetry is often a common denominator with many procedures. Does the right breast match the left breast? Do the thighs look symmetrical after liposuction? Be discriminating and thorough when viewing the photos. I am happy to provide guidance to help evaluate before-and-after photos of any procedure under consideration.

It’s always wise to do careful research before you choose a surgeon in Eugene. Photos are an important tool in that endeavor. We welcome all your questions at Movassaghi Plastic Surgery. Contact us today!

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