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It’s time to get the lean, attractive body you deserve

As a man, you care about staying fit and healthy, so it’s only natural that you want your physique to reflect the time and effort you dedicate to staying in top shape. If you are struggling to shed stubborn body fat, we understand your frustration.

Diet and exercise can only do so much to help you get rid of fat deposits on your belly, flanks, and other areas. Once the fat cells are there, they are there for good. They can grow and shrink, but you’ll always have a bulge. For thousands of men, liposuction is the answer. Liposuction can instantly remove excess fat cells and help sculpt a naturally leaner physique with long-lasting results.

Why liposuction is the #1 cosmetic surgery for men

Stubborn pockets of fat hide our natural muscle tone, and liposuction is a safe and effective way to reveal it. Men throughout Eugene and beyond choose liposuction for the following reasons:

  • It’s the choice cosmetic procedure to lose fat and transform your shape. While we have had great success with non-surgical fat reduction procedures such as CoolSculpting, a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Movassaghi can artistically sculpt a better contour to your body using liposuction as well as remove excess fat.
  • It can help you lose fat almost anywhere. Liposuction remains the most versatile fat reduction procedure available today. By adjusting his technique, Dr. Movassaghi can perform liposuction to sculpt areas as broad as the entire back, flank, and abdominal region, or as focused as the chin and neck.
  • It can renew your momentum to achieve your fitness goals. With the excess fat gone, the results of all that hard work at the gym are much more noticeable, which can provide an incentive to keep eating right and working out.

“Thank you so much for your professionalism & skill. I love my new body! I would not hesitate in recommending you for a doctor.”


Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

Liposuction can successfully reduce fat and improve physique for many different body types. For optimal liposuction results, however, you should be in good overall health and be primarily concerned with spot-reducing fat and improving your shape. If you can say “yes” to the following, liposuction may be a good option for you:

  • You’re at a healthy, stable weight. Liposuction can make you leaner in targeted areas, but it’s not a weight-loss method.
  • You have good skin elasticity. Optimal results rely on the skin contracting well to fit your new, slimmer contours. Liposuction will not improve, and may worsen the appearance of sagging skin. If excess, hanging skin is an issue for you, consider a body lifting procedure such as abdominoplasty.
  • You have stubborn fat deposits on your belly, back, flanks, neck, etc., despite a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction can reduce fat cells to improve your problem area for good.
  • You’re willing to follow instructions for rest and recovery. Many men are ready to return to work after just a long weekend following liposuction, but it’s still surgery. To get the best results, you’ll need to wear compression garments as instructed and stay home from the gym for a couple of weeks.

How does men’s liposuction work?

Dr. Movassaghi performs liposuction for men and women as an outpatient procedure, typically using general anesthesia provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Time in surgery depends on the extent of the procedure but typically takes 1 to 3 hours. Through a few very small incisions, Dr. Movassaghi will use a thin cannula (hollow tube) to suction out excess fat in a very specific pattern to reduce your bulge and sculpt a natural contour to the area. Following surgery, you will go home wearing a compression garment around the areas where you had liposuction.

What is recovery from male liposuction like?

Most patients find that there is very little pain after liposuction; rather, they report soreness similar to how they’d feel after a tough workout. If you have a desk job, you likely will be able to return to work after just a few days. You should continue wearing your compression garment for several weeks, as recommended—compression helps to control discomfort and swelling and can facilitate a speedier recovery.

Most male liposuction patients lead active, busy lives and want to know how soon they can return to their regular routines. One advantage of liposuction is a relatively quick recovery, although it’s important to understand that recovery rates vary from one patient to another. The following timeline reflects the recovery of a typical healthy patient for your reference:

  • Return to work: 2-3 days for a sedentary job; 7-10+ days for a more active job
  • Resume exercise: 2-3 weeks away from strenuous exercise; possibly longer for certain activities involving contact or heavy lifting.
  • Final results: most post-operative swelling will reside during the first 2-3 weeks; wearing your compression is important. Results will continue to improve over 2-3 months and are considered long-lasting so long as you maintain a healthy weight.

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