Movassaghi Plastic Surgery Patient Featured in “Beyond the Before and After” Series

Photo: The Aesthetic Society

Dr. Kiya Movassaghi’s breast reconstruction patient, Eva, was recently featured in The Aesthetic Society docuseries, “Beyond the Before and After.” The series aims to explore “life after aesthetic plastic surgery,” and features patients and their surgeons in patient story videos. 

After Eva was diagnosed with breast cancer and found out she needed a double mastectomy, Dr. Movassaghi worked with Eva’s breast surgical oncologist, Dr. Christine Kollmorgen, to create a treatment plan for Eva’s reconstruction. 

Dr. Kollmorgan says, “Operating on the breast is a very unique thing. It involves really understanding your patient because there is so much emotional overlay that involves the breast. And it’s extremely important to me that I’m able to work with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who understands not just the cosmetic element of aesthetics, but also the reconstructive aspect.”

Dr. Movassaghi said, “I always tell my patients, ‘I can never give you what God gave you in the beginning, but I can help you achieve that wholeness that you lost in the process.’”

In a filmed conversation with Eva, the oncologist, and Dr. Movassaghi, the two doctors both emphasized the importance of collaboration in the breast reconstruction process—not only between medical providers, but also with the patient, for whom surgery is an emotional journey.

“I can never give you what God gave you in the beginning, but I can help you achieve that wholeness that you lost in the process.” — Dr. Movassaghi

“The key is for us to work in collaboration and closely so we can achieve the best result,” said Dr. Movassaghi. After the surgical journey is complete, Eva and Dr. Movassaghi are shown dancing together—a small celebration that Eva planned from the beginning.

Eva candidly describes her fears about surgery, and also proudly shares the life-giving results she has experienced since her reconstruction. Alone in front of the camera, Eva sums up the pinnacle of what plastic surgery can provide: “This new chest gives me courage,” she says. “I feel different, and I feel like I am more conscious of the importance of taking care of yourself. I am learning to love myself again…now I want to live my life to the fullest.”

The series also includes patients who underwent surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss and surgery to affirm their gender identity. Patients discuss in-depth their motivations for the procedure, as well as their fears, and viewers are able to see the way that plastic surgery has impacted each patient’s life. Patients are filmed at home with their families, illustrating how impactful plastic surgery can be for the right patient. 

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