CoolSculpting Now Has You Covered from Head to Toe

photo of coolsculpting model

What if you could lose a bit of extra fat over the holidays rather than gaining unwanted inches? That may sound improbable, but it is actually possible with CoolSculpting®. This safe, non-surgical fat reduction method has helped thousands of men and women reduce areas of unwanted fat and achieve more pleasing contours—without surgery or recovery time.

To celebrate the arrival of CoolSculpting’s newest applicator for reducing smaller areas of stubborn fat here at Movassaghi Plastic Surgery & Ziba Medical Spa, we’ve rounded up some of the ways this revolutionary fat reduction system might help you.

But First, What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting uses a proprietary cooling technology that “freezes” fat cells to the point of breakdown, allowing your body to naturally metabolize the targeted fat over the course of the next three months. CoolSculpting is administered with specialty applicators, each designed to achieve optimal fat reduction results in specific areas of the body.

1. Reduce your double chin

Around 68% of American are bothered by a double chin, and if you’re among them, you now have a great trouble-free option for treating it. We now have the brand new CoolMini™ applicator, which was specifically designed for reducing small areas of fat under the chin, above the knee, and around the armpit. These areas are notoriously difficult areas to tone, but they respond easily to CoolMini treatment. Our Eugene CoolMini patients have seen noticeable and long-lasting results in some of their most troublesome spots after just one treatment.

2. So long, spare tire

The abdomen, flanks, and hips have a tendency to accumulate and store persistent fat that just won’t budge. Luckily, these areas can be improved within just a few CoolSculpting sessions. The original CoolSculpting applicator is a great option for reducing areas of “pinchable” fat (meaning excess fat deposits are large enough to be easily pinched between two fingers). CoolSculpting works well for people who are at a healthy weight but still carry unwanted fat they’ve been unable to reduce through diet and exercise.

3. Slim down your thighs

CoolSmooth is an ideal solution for treating “saddle bags” and other hard-to-tone areas of fat that cannot be treated with the original CoolSculpting applicator. The specialized CoolSmooth handpiece was designed for treating non-pinchable fat deposits near the abdomen and along the outer thighs. CoolSmooth is especially well-suited for patients who are generally slim and need us to target their problem spots with precision.

Plan Ahead for a Slimmer Swimsuit Season!

If you’re ready to try CoolSculpting, CoolSmooth, or CoolMini, don’t put it off until spring. To see great results in time for warmer weather, make an appointment now. If you have your treatment over the winter months, you’ll be looking slimmer just in time for swimsuit season.

Eugene board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kiya Movassaghi has invested in all three CoolSculpting devices to provide his patients with a full range of non-surgical fat reduction options. During your personal consultation, Dr. Movassaghi can help you explore your options, answer any questions you may have, and help you make the right choice for your body. Contact us today to get started!

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