What is Endoscopic Plastic Surgery?

While endoscopic surgery has been used for years in a wide range of procedures— from joint repair to kidney stone operations—its use in plastic surgery is still being explored. I believe an endoscopic approach can be a realistic solution for patients looking for optimum results from a less invasive plastic surgery procedure.

An endoscope is a surgical instrument consisting of a long, thin tube outfitted with a fiber-optic light and a tiny camera. During a procedure, it’s inserted under the skin through a tiny incision. The surgeon can then perform the procedure with the benefit of the camera, which allows for the most accurate view of the treatment area. Special instruments are inserted through additional small incisions to execute the actual surgery.

Although experimentation is ongoing with endoscopic plastic surgery, many surgeons commonly use it for brow lifts. I do as well. As a natural consequence of aging, some patients find that they develop “frown lines” between the eyebrows or that the eyelids become hooded by their sagging brows. These effects can be reversed through a brow lift. In the traditional brow lift procedure, an incision is made from the top of one ear to the other and the forehead is lifted upward. The incision lines are generally hidden within the scalp.

In contrast, an endoscopic brow lift is performed through a series of tiny incisions in the hairline. The skin is lifted to soften the frown lines and the muscles that create them are relaxed. While both techniques create a more youthful look, endoscopic brow lift patients report little to no hair loss or numbness in the scalp, which occasionally occurs with the traditional brow lift. There is also less bleeding and bruising after the endoscopic procedure, so the recovery time is quicker—just seven to 10 days. An endoscopic brow lift is performed under general anesthesia or monitored sedation.

There are many advantages to endoscopic procedures for the plastic surgery patient, and that’s why I offer the endoscopic brow lift. An endoscopic procedure achieves the same effects as traditional brow lift surgery, but with fewer adverse effects and a faster recovery time. Contact us to find out if an endoscopic brow lift might be an effective way to rejuvenate your appearance.

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