5 Reasons to Check Out the New Clarity Laser for Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can provide smooth, hair-free skin. Clarity laser at Movassaghi plastic surgery in Eugene is safe for dark skin.
If you’ve compared us to other Eugene plastic surgery practices, you may have noticed that we aren’t the type to hop on the bandwagon of the latest cosmetic treatment fad. That’s because we firmly believe that our patients deserve only those treatments and technologies that have been proven safe, effective, and worth the investment. In other words, we don’t think you should be our “guinea pig” to see if a new treatment is worth the hype.

Clarity allows us superior control compared to other lasers. We can adjust laser wavelengths and intensity on the fly, ensuring that you receive the maximum possible results and that your skin is safe—whatever your skin and hair type.

So, when we do find a technology that meets our high standards, we can’t help but be excited to share it with you. We recently added a new laser to our lineup: Clarity™ from Lutronic. Fast, effective, and safe for all skin types, it’s one of the best lasers for hair removal we’ve ever used, and our patients wholeheartedly agree.

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to give Clarity a look.

It’s safe & effective for nearly all skin types, including light and dark skin

One past limitation of laser hair removal was there were no lasers safe for dark skin. Older technology used only one laser wavelength, which meant the laser could easily affect skin cells surrounding hair follicles, risking skin discoloration. Clarity solves this problem by combining two wavelengths: a long-pulsed 755nm Alexandrite and a 1064nm Nd:YAG (which is considerably safer for dark skin).

Clarity allows us much greater control over each patient’s treatment compared to other lasers. We can switch wavelengths and intensity, ensuring that you receive the maximum possible results while keeping your skin safe.

Clarity can effectively treat the full spectrum of hair colors too!

Older lasers could only effectively treat dark brown or black hair on light skin—excluding many patients who wanted hair removal. Clarity can treat a much broader range of hair and skin tones; as long as the hair in the treatment area is darker than the surrounding skin, we can treat it! Again, it’s the superior level of adjustability and control that we have with Clarity that allows us to successfully treat a broader range of patients.

Clarity makes comfortable laser hair removal a reality

Laser hair removal has a reputation for being painful. That’s because older lasers didn’t do a great job of cooling the skin after each pulse. Clarity has taken care of this with two cooling mechanisms: a built-in cryogenic spray that instantly cools the treated skin and traditional air cooling.

These cooling methods make each pass of the laser considerably more comfortable—even without topical anesthetic. This quick, highly controllable cooling also adds an extra layer of safety when treating darker skin.

Laser hair removal treatments with Clarity are much faster

Compared to other hair removal lasers, Clarity can fully treat an area in significantly less time. We can thank the highly customizable and instantly adjustable “spot size” (basically, the diameter of the laser projection). For larger areas, such as the legs, chest or back, we can use a larger spot size, treating more follicles with fewer passes of the laser. This means a shorter appointment for you, and less time “under the laser.”

Clarity works for a very broad range of hair and skin tones—as long as the hair is darker than the surrounding skin, we can treat it!

You’ll likely need fewer treatments to get the results you want

If you’ve been told you’ll need up to 10 laser treatments to get completely hair-free skin, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Clarity. That’s because the technology advances we’ve already pointed out translate into one major benefit: Clarity provides complete hair removal more quickly than older technologies.

We routinely see patients who are satisfied with their results after as few as 3 or 4 Clarity hair removal treatments. They save time and money and still get the smooth, hair-free skin they want.

Ready to check out Clarity? Just give us a call.

There’s no need to continue battling unwanted hair when Clarity has so much to offer. If you would like to learn more about Clarity vs. other Eugene laser hair removal options, we invite you to call us at 541-686-8700. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or schedule you a personal consultation at our office. You’ve got nothing to lose, except unwanted hair.

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