What is Neck Contouring?

Neck contouring is popular with a wide range of our patients; young, old, male, and female patients alike come to our Eugene office requesting improvements to their neck. We recommend two popular neck contouring solutions: neck lifting procedures that create a more youthful neckline, and neck liposuction that is designed to increase jaw definition. For patients with more minor concerns, we even have a non-surgical option.

Signs of aging are often first seen on the delicate skin of the neck, as collagen production slows down and the skin loses its structural support. This leads numerous patients to feel insecure about the appearance of their neck long before they become overly concerned about facial aging. Younger patients have different aesthetic issues with their necks—they most often complain of localized fat deposits under the chin and jawline.

Mature Neck Contouring Patient


Before & After

Younger Neck Contouring Patient


Before & After

Neck contouring procedures were used successfully on each of these patients—one to correct the effects of aging, the other to create a pleasing jawline.

Depending on the severity of the issues, neck contouring can include surgical or nonsurgical approaches. During a consultation, I evaluate the patient and recommend one of the following approaches:

  • Neck lift/lower facelift. A neck lift/lower facelift is the gold-standard option for patients who are bothered by folds of skin, bands of separated muscles, and/or localized fat deposits under the chin. This procedure creates a youthful contour in the neck, with smooth, taut muscles and a well-defined jawline. The final result is seen 1 to 3 months after surgery.

  • Neck lift and liposuction. Liposuction can further refine the results from a neck lift, providing additional sculpting to the chin and jawline. Liposuction and neck lifts are complementary procedures that can improve facial contour and reduce the signs of aging. A neck lift can be part of a complete facial rejuvenation involving a facelift, too.

  • Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment. We’re excited to be have this in our repertoire of aesthetic services. RF microneedling is an exciting technology that uses radiofrequency to improve and tighten loose skin on the face, neck, stomach, and several other areas of the body. It is an effective method of improving the contour of the neck without anesthesia or downtime. This is the perfect option for patients who are bothered by the appearance of their neck but who are not interested in a surgical contouring approach. Radiofrequency microneedling treatments offer lasting results that are apparent immediately but that also improve progressively over time.

At Movassaghi Plastic Surgery and Ziba Medical Spa, we want to provide solutions that satisfy the unique goals of every one of our patients. So we offer a variety of options to improve the appearance of the neck.  If you feel that your neck makes you look older than you feel, we can help. Contact our office to discuss the many ways we help you regain a graceful, youthful neckline.

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