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Wear shorts again with comfort and confidence

As we age, everything seems to sag just a little. But for some of us, aging affects our lower body with bothersome changes. Having loose, flabby skin on the thighs and buttocks can be a source of embarrassment, limiting one’s clothing choices and preventing a woman from enjoying activities that require shorts or a swimsuit. If sagging, shapeless thighs or buttocks have made broom skirts or long pants your go-to wardrobe option, even in summer, then you might consider the benefits of thigh and buttock lift surgery in Eugene.

What can a thigh and buttock lift correct?

A thigh lift is intended to produce tighter, more attractive thigh and buttock skin with improved contours. The benefits go beyond a more attractive appearance; a thigh and buttock lift can increase comfort and self-esteem for those bothered by the shape of their lower body. This surgery can help:

  • Firm and smooth the buttocks and thighs if you have experienced age-related loss of skin elasticity
  • Improve the appearance of a flabby and/or dimpled appearance to the inner or outer thighs
  • Enhance self-confidence if you are embarrassed about your lower body appearance
  • Improve your choices for flattering clothing and swimsuits

“I’m getting stronger each day and am so excited at my results. I have renewed enthusiasm with my new body. Your office is so friendly that I feel like I’m seeing old friends each time I step in the door. And Dr. M- I have such great respect for your skills. You have no idea what you’ve done for me. Thank you.”


Am I a good candidate for a thigh and buttock lift?

The typical candidates for a thigh and buttock lift are men and women who have a significant loss of tone in the skin and underlying tissues of the thighs and buttocks, often due to aging or significant weight loss.

If you feel that the appearance of your thighs improves when you lift up the lax skin on your thighs, that is also a good indication that a thigh lift will help achieve your desired appearance. A thigh and buttock lift will not address significant fat deposits; if excess fat is a primary concern, liposuction may achieve more satisfying results.

How is thigh and buttock lift surgery performed?

Dr. Movassaghi performs thigh and buttock lift surgery with the patient under general anesthesia, typically on an outpatient basis. The location and extent of the incisions vary from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the procedure, and Dr. Movassaghi takes care to place incisions in discreet locations whenever possible. Incisions for an inner thigh lift are typically located in the groin area, possibly extending along the inner thigh. Incisions for a lateral (outer) thigh lift are may be located along the groin, around the hips, and into the natural crease under the buttocks, depending on the extent of surgery.

The patient is placed in a compression garment (similar to a long line elastic support girdle) at the end of surgery to reduce swelling and assist in the natural shrinking and tightening of the skin. With smaller thigh lifts, initial discomfort is usually easily controlled with prescription pain medication.

What is recovery like?

With larger thigh lifts in conjunction with an abdominoplasty, one or two nights of care in a skilled nursing facility or hospital is usually required. Dr. Movassaghi performs surgery at McKenzie Surgery Center or Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon. This allows for pain injections, intravenous catheters, etc. Bruising and swelling usually subside within a month, strenuous activities are usually possible in 6 weeks and almost all symptoms are gone in 4 to 6 months.

Will there be scarring?

While a thigh and buttock lift creates some visible scarring, most patients find this a small price to pay for the increased comfort and self-confidence that comes with having smoother, firmer buttocks and thighs.

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