Breast Implant Revision Eugene

Enhance or improve your augmented look

Breast implant replacement is a procedure for exchanging previous breast implants with new implants. The goal can be to improve the appearance of the breasts or simply to replace older implants. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kiya Movassaghi can replace your old implants with a new size, texture, and material—or simply renew the ones you already love.

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Breast implant revision is a cosmetic surgery that allows a patient to improve the appearance or comfort of previously enhanced breasts. Dr. Movassaghi can revise or remove breast implants to reduce, lift, or reshape the breasts. Breast implant revision surgery can be an opportunity to address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast enlargement, or simply to update your look to suit your current lifestyle.

Why should I exchange my breast implants?

Perhaps your implants are a bit bigger or smaller than you had intended, or you are no longer satisfied with your implant size. Breast implant exchange can replace your implants with the new size you desire and ensure you won’t have to replace your implants for many years to come.

Why should I revise my breast augmentation?

Any one of the following feelings or conditions may indicate that you are ready to consider breast implant revision:

  • Your lifestyle has changed: you no longer wish to have breast implants for personal reasons.
  • Desire for a size change: you may wish to exchange your implants for smaller or larger implants, or to switch from saline to silicone, or vice versa.
  • Capsular contracture: sensitivity, infection, and bleeding that exacerbate internal scarring are among the known causes of capsular contracture, characterized by overly firm and spherical breasts that look unnatural.
  • Implant malposition: poor placement of one or both implants can result in an unnatural appearance (too high, too close, too far apart, unequally placed).
  • Implant flipping: though it’s not a serious health risk, in the unlikely event that your implants flip, they can be uncomfortable, unsightly, and cause long-term damage if not corrected. Dr. Movassaghi can re-enter your breast pockets through your original implant incisions and “re-flip” your implants, as well as tighten your breast pockets to prevent another flip.
  • Rippling: rippling can occur when implants are placed in an area that lacks adequate tissue to cover the implant, or when a saline implant is not sufficiently filled prior to implantation.
  • Implant leakage or rupture: significant force can cause a breast implant to rupture. This can result in immediate deflation of saline implants, with obvious effects on the breasts’ appearance, or slow deflation of silicone implants.

What is recovery like for breast implant revision/exchange?

Recovery from a breast augmentation revision is very similar to the recovery you experienced after your initial breast augmentation, and recovery from a breast implant exchange can even be shorter than the original breast augmentation since space has already been created in the breast.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Your knowledge & skills gave me a very natural look just like I requested. You are awesome! I will highly recommend you.”


Following your breast revision surgery, a compression bra may be worn to ensure your breasts have the stability they need to heal properly. In some cases, tubes may also be attached to the breasts to allow fluid to drain in the days immediately following surgery, expediting your recovery.

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