5 Surprising Habits that Cause Acne Breakouts

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Have you ever had a monstrous pimple that keeps you from leaving the comforts of your own home until it’s gone? It’s an unfortunate fact that acne plagues most people at some point, whether it’s an occasional breakout or embarrassing blemishes that never seem to clear.

While most of us can’t stop everything and avoid the public because of a breakout, there are things you can do to reduce your risk. The Daily Makeover recently highlighted some common activities that could be contributing to your acne flares—and, luckily, simply changing up some of your habits ways can help significantly. Keep reading to get the scoop (plus a few tips of our own!).

Mistakes before & after exercise

When you’re finished working out, be sure to remove your sweaty attire, shower, and change into something clean and dry. Pimples on the back and chest are more likely to occur when one forgoes a shower after working out.

You can also consider changing up your workout clothes if you are having problems with body acne breakouts. Light, breathable fabrics, such as cotton and other natural materials, in a loose fit are less likely to cause friction or lock in moisture. If you prefer to exercise unhindered by loose clothing, try moisture-wicking options specially designed for working out.

Are you provoking pimples while you sleep?

Believe it or not, acne can happen while you sleep. Over time, bacteria and dirt build up on your bedding and can seep into your pores while you snooze. If you want to prevent the unwelcome morning surprise of a fresh breakout, make sure to wash your bedding at least once per week.

Still repelled by the thought of leaving bacteria and dirt in your bed every night? Make sure you always cleanse your face before bed; you can also try switching your daily shower routine to the evening.

The wrong food can have a big impact

If you suffer from frequent breakouts, be sure to consider diet: food can definitely affect your skin’s health. Chicken and milk products can both contain hormones that may cause your skin to react. Choosing organic or free-range alternatives can make a difference for some individuals.

While the article named these two specific culprits as possible causes of breakouts, a healthy diet in general is important to having beautiful skin. Consuming plenty of fresh produce, incorporating healthy fats (such as avocados, raw nuts, and fish oils), and drinking plenty of water all support your skin’s health.

When in doubt, blame your hormones

Most women experience changes in their hormones every 5-10 years of their adult life—and these changing levels can affect your skin health, including inflammation acne breakouts.

As you can’t do much to avoid hormone changes, we recommend periodically having your skin evaluated by a professional who can recommend medical-grade skincare products to help you cope with changes, as well as provide targeted special treatments (such as a clarifying facial).

Falling in love? Yes, that can cause pimples too

A new crush or blooming relationship is exciting, but did you know that love can also trigger breakouts? Increased intimacy can cause female testosterone levels to spike, leading to unwanted blemishes. Additionally, being in love sometimes adds stress to your life, which takes a toll on the health and clarity of your skin.

The good news is that you’ll also be trying hard to look, smell, and feel your best. Keep up with your hygiene and stay healthy, and your love-induced breakouts too shall pass.

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