7 Smart Ways to Keep Your Breast Augmentation Private

woman-keeping-secretDo you want to get breast implants, but wonder how you can keep your breast augmentation secret from others? While some women can’t wait to show off their new curves, others may not be ready to announce to the world that they have had breast augmentation—and whether or not you want people to know is completely up to you.

Keeping plastic surgery secret is easier than you might think; it just takes a little planning. Here are some tips for keeping things under wraps while you recover:

Be Strategic About Timing Your Breast Augmentation

When you have surgery can make a huge difference in how easy it is to stay under the radar. Many patients prefer a fall or winter surgery date—when it’s cold out, and everyone is bundling up, it’s easier to conceal your sudden increase in breast size with heavier clothing. On the other hand, teachers and college students may find a summer breast augmentation works best, as they already have time away from school and work.

Schedule Adequate Time Off Work Ahead of Time

For patients with a desk job, we recommend taking between five to seven days off. This allows enough time to have surgery, take it easy for a few days, and be off of pain medication by the time you return to work. There’s no need to tell your boss what you are doing with your vacation time (helpful hint: schedule surgery around holidays and people will just assume you’re away visiting family).

A word of caution—if your job has physical demands, you will need more time off to protect your healing incisions. Don’t hurry back to work and risk your health in an effort to hide your breast augmentation. If this is a concern for you, talk to your plastic surgeon, who can help you figure out the best approach for your plastic surgery recovery.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Awkward Situations

Want to avoid running into a neighbor at the drugstore while your breasts are still sore and swollen? Make sure to fill your post-operative prescriptions before surgery. Double check your family’s calendar to make sure you haven’t forgotten to arrange a carpool for your child’s soccer game or RSVP “no” to that party a few days after surgery.

Choose Your Post-Op Wardrobe Wisely

You can control how much people notice your breasts with your clothing and underwear choices. Wearing looser tops with a modest neckline and a regular, non-push-up bra can easily keep your augmentation incognito. On the other hand, if you wear a plunging V-neck your first day back to work, there’s a decent chance people will wonder if you’ve had work done. Gradually incorporate more form-fitting attire as you get used to your new shape. Since many patients experience firmer, more pronounced nipples as the breasts heal, consider investing in nipple covers, which can help you avoid drawing unwanted attention to your breasts.

Create a “Decoy” Effect by Updating Your Look in Other Ways

It’s a popular tactic among facial surgery patients to get a new haircut to camouflage the source of their newfound radiance. Similar moves can also work well after breast augmentation. Change your hair, try a new shade of lipstick, or pair your breast augmentation with a skincare treatment to bring people’s attention to your face and provide an alternate possibility for why you look so amazing!

Be Realistic About Implant Size

If you are concerned about being discreet with your breast augmentation, chances are you are not seeking to drastically increase your size. Still, it is important to focus on the final, long-term results you want and can achieve from different implant choices. A patient with a petite frame going from an A cup to a DD cup is unlikely to be able to keep her augmentation under wraps. On the other hand, an implant shape and size that complements your anatomy and personality will look natural and proportional—as though your body was always meant to look that way.

You can also consider anatomically shaped or low profile implants if, in addition to keeping your augmentation surgery to yourself, you want to have more subtle, natural-looking results. The best way to plan a natural-looking breast size increase is to choose an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon and spend plenty of time communicating with them about your goals. Most surgeons offer help with sizing, and implant sizers can help you decide how much you want to increase your size.

Relax and Be Confident in Your Appearance!

After breast augmentation, your new breasts may feel odd to you for a few weeks, perhaps making you feel like everyone else will figure out your secret. While this fear is perfectly normal, try not to worry. Others may pick up on the fact that you’ve changed something, but no one has “breast implant radar.” Just act naturally and smile, knowing you made a choice that makes you happy.

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