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For many years, neck contouring options were limited to surgical procedures. If you wanted to reduce under-chin fat, you had liposuction. To tighten sagging skin, neck lift surgery was your best bet. Either way, recovery time was required. Fast-forward to today. You have many non-surgical options to either address excess fat or tighten lax neck… Continue Reading »

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CoolSculpting® is a popular non-surgical treatment for reducing small areas of fat without surgery or downtime. Wondering how it could get any better than that? With our new “dual sculpting” option and the latest CoolAdvantage applicators, patients can enjoy a superior CoolSculpting experience at Movassaghi Plastic Surgery. Introducing CoolAdvantage We are pleased to offer the… Continue Reading »

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What if you could lose a bit of extra fat over the holidays rather than gaining unwanted inches? That may sound improbable, but it is actually possible with CoolSculpting®. This safe, non-surgical fat reduction method has helped thousands of men and women reduce areas of unwanted fat and achieve more pleasing contours—without surgery or recovery… Continue Reading »

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Losing weight is a significant accomplishment. But for those who have had massive weight loss after bariatric surgery, it’s only half the battle—oftentimes, excess, hanging skin sticks around to hide hard-earned results. It comes as no surprise that as the number of patients undergoing weight loss surgery grows, so does the number of body contouring… Continue Reading »

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