Eugene, Oregon Exilis

Exilis Non-Surgical Skin Tightening & Body Shaping

If you’re ready to improve your appearance, but you’re not yet ready for surgery, you have another option: Exilis.

This entirely non-invasive treatment uses targeted radio frequencies that heat through the skin and underlying fat layers, accomplishing two very welcome tasks for your appearance! First, this heat prompts your body to produce new collagen, helping your skin become noticeably firmer. Exilis can also target unwanted bulges, painlessly destroying fat cells in the treatment area.

Treatments are comfortable, non-invasive and can be performed during a lunch-hour office visit with no downtime or restrictions on activity. Results can be noticed in as little as 1 or 2 treatments, and improve gradually as your body naturally improves skin tone and sheds the excess fat. Learn more about Exilis for your needs:

Exilis for Facial Rejuvenation
  • Reduce jowling
  • Tighten skin around the eyelids
  • Firm & smooth skin on the neck
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Exilis for Body Contouring
  • Shrink a muffin top or tummy pooch
  • Smooth & tighten sagging belly skin
  • Get firmer upper arms
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Exilis for Men
  • Spot-reduce love handles or a spare tire
  • Treat a double chin to define the jawline
  • Improve a sagging brow
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