Exilis Skin Tightening Eugene

Tighten skin and improve collagen in the face

Dr. Movassaghi and Ziba Medical Spa are happy to offer Exilis, the most exciting new technology available to tone, tighten & rejuvenate your face and body without anesthesia or downtime. Clinically tested and FDA approved, Exilis uses radio frequency to tighten loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the face. Treatment is fast, comfortable and 100% non-invasive.

How does Exilis work?

While we all experience the aging process differently, skin aging works the same way for anyone. Connective tissues start to lose firmness and the skin loses collagen, the material that provides plumpness and structure. As a result, wrinkles form and the skin starts to sag, especially in areas with delicate tissues such as the eyelids, neck, and cheeks. Exilis uses a targeted radio frequency that heats the deep layers of the skin, stimulating new collagen growth. During the weeks following an Exilis treatment, patients notice tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, and a more youthful appearance.

Exilis Skin Tightening
Before & After Exilis Skin Tightening*

What are the benefits of Exilis?

We have found Exilis to be an excellent non-surgical alternative to facelift and eyelid surgery for patients who are concerned with mild jowling, fullness in the neck, or sagging skin around the eyes. While Exilis will not achieve the same results as a facelift, for many the improvements seen with Exilis are satisfying enough to postpone the need for facial rejuvenation surgery for several years.

Exilis can also be used to tighten skin and reduce unwanted fat on the body. Among the many benefits of Exilis:

  • Controlled, gradual warming for maximum comfort
  • No anesthesia, injections or recovery
  • Precise skin tightening and lifting—anywhere on the body
  • Reduces wrinkles, treats skin laxity and reshapes your face and body
  • Quick treatment sessions with optima results after four sessions
  • Immediate and progressive results that last
  • Affordable cosmetic improvement without surgery
Exilis for Eyes
Before & After Exilis Skin Tightening*

Who is a good candidate for Exilis?

Exilis is an effective procedure for patients of all ages, but it is especially beneficial when used as a preventative treatment for skin aging. Younger patients with good collagen who want to prevent skin sagging and wrinkling caused by aging are prime candidates for Exilis.

Exilis is also a good option for patients who have had a facelift and want to maintain their results as they age.

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